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Alice Springs - Central Red Kangaroo

About a week ago I had my first encounter with a wild kangaroo on the edge of town, in the Central Australian Desert. This week, I decided to take note of some green areas, that have well-maintained lawns with nice green grass. It was not long until I found some local red kangaroos. This time the lighting conditions were also not as harsh. Making for better photographs too.

This time they were females and show there distinctive pouch that they raise their Joeys in. A rather unique way to carry around their young. Surprisingly they have very strong muscles that hold the pouch closed, and tight, when they hop about. So the baby joey does not get dropped or thrown about as the kangaroo bounces away.

Interestingly there is no set breeding season for kangaroos.  Kangaroos will breed when they are not pregnant, and mate all year round based on encounters with males they meet along the way. However; once fertilised, a roo can delay the development of the pregnancy until living conditions improve. This type of delayed development is extremely important to the success of kangaroos in Australia. As we can go through months of unpleasant environmental conditions not suitable to raise young wildlife in.

Not only that, a kangaroo also can get pregnant up to 3 times from a single encounter. You might be wondering how? But the answer is simple. Kangaroos have 3 vaginas. So three sets of reproductive organs means that the kangaroo, is the master of planning their parenthood. Getting pregnant 3 times in one go and then choosing when to have the kids. Which is probably the most strange thing about them. Even more strange than having a pouch.

Photo; Pregnant Kangaroo - Terry Watts - Expedition Photography

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