Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Desert Hawks - Raptor Week Part 4

In the low light today, the red sun burst through to circle the back of the brown hawk's feathers. Highlighting their yellow feet. The photographs were taken on top of a rather large mound near town, overshadowed by the large McDonald Ranges.  Originally I sat on a log, before the Hawks started flying directly over the top. I layed on the ground with my back to the log, shooting even upside down. Backwards as they flew right over the top and at the lens. It was a great experience that probably cannot be repeated easily anytime soon. Afterwards, we were able to identify the birds as black kites, that frequent this region and have been seen close to town as well.

Photos; Sir Terry Watts - Expedition Photography - Raptor Week 2018

Tags: australia, black hawk, brown hawk, desert hawk, nt

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