Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Central Desert Falcon - Raptor Week Part 2

Today's blog is about one of my favourite raptor varieties. Growing up, the only birds of prey in my hometown were falcons. Although not very large, and not very imposing, this bird has a unique skill. It is very quick! Once prey has been found it takes aim from very high above. Feeling the wind it will start to glide downwards funnelling the wind. Lastly, It will divebomb with one quick wing movement, as if it starts to burst forwards towards its prey. Often mice, and other rodents that don't pay close attention to above, are tackled sideways with incredible force. Falcons truly are a mighty force in the air. Below a picture of a baby falcon watching above from a telegraph wire. Afterwards; a fully grown Australian hobby falcon in full flight, showing off the characteristic stooping dive at full speed.

Photos; Sir Terry Watts - Expedition Photography - Raptor Week 2018

Tags: australian wildlife, faclon, raptor week
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I can see the falcon's hooked beak in the upper photo. Probably it's waiting for a mouse.