Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Wedge-tail Eagles - Raptor Week Part 1

The next 5 days will be dedicated to Raptor Week 2018 - Featuring some of the best photographs of the central desert region's hawks, eagles, falcons, and much more. The region this week is experiencing high winds which the predatory birds will be using to their advantage to climb high above the range in search for prey. Today alone I have seen over 1000 hawks on the Macdonald Range using the updraft to climb high into the skies above. There will only be one option, and that is to find a cool spot under the tree with some very overpowered photographic equipment and wait. The images below were captured using manual SLR equipment, and the result of a high powered 1500mm ultra telephoto lens, that I handcrafted over 3 months last year. It is not easy to use, most professional photographers would cringe at the thaught. However, the extream heat and surrounds mean that this is the only option. In the end, it will make for very authentic and hard-won premier photographs. The results this week will be thrilling.

Photos; Sir Terry Watts - Expedition Photography - Raptor Week 2018

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