Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Wedge-tailed eagle - Aquila audax

Today I am blogging about the largest bird of prey in Australia; The Wedge-tailed Eagle.

This eagle is a very big cultural icon of the Northern Territory, with just about every sign and tourism brochure having one with its wings extended, as if circling above. This is for good reason too, as they are very common up here. Around my hometown they are uncommon, and a rare sight. In Alice Springs, I see about 7 on average during my drive to work. It is a very different ecosystem here, so I am looking to photograph what they are hunting next.

These birds often don't fly very quickly; however, they are very hard to photograph with detail, as Australia has very harsh sunlight. It will take time; however, I am looking forward to photographing wedgetails in the near future. It would help to take a buddy with me, as you really need to photograph from a moving vehicle to get close to them.

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Gorgeous bird, perfect photos. The Wikipedia says they's very large in size.