Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Australian Galah

Today's conditions for photography were dismal at best. Low light, no shadows, and thunderstorms in the region. However, I was awoken by one of Australias loudest creatures during their dawn chorus. The Australian galah. Later whilst walking about, one gave me a friendly wave as I was walking through the memorial park in town this morning.

The Galah is one of the most recognizable birds in Australia. They travel in packs from small sizes, up to hoards with over 100 easily disturbing your morning sleep at 6am in the morning. They are a moderately friendly bird, you can walk up to 2m before most will take flight, and they are usually carefree. These parrots have also been a popular pet in Australia and the Greater Pacific Region. as they have the ability to talk. On Youtube; there are many examples of Australian wildlife scratching in offensive language. Others, in general, do make very compassionate and comical pets.

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