Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Happy Birthday To Me - I am in the middle of nowhere.

So today I celebrate my 28th birthday in the Northern Territory. With my friends and family very far away back in coastal NSW. I moved here to chase my teaching career taking up a position as a full-time Science and Mathematics Teacher. The Northern Territory is a very confronting place to live geographically, and also with the locals too. The landscape looks about the same as it is in real life. Hot, dry, and stretches to the point you can see the curve of the earth in some places.  It is stunning to photograph, with many opportunities. However, just about everything looks the same after a while. Wildlife is very hard o find, I drove for 39hrs once and only saw 2 emus, walking along a very long fence line. Overall, I am still finding my way around town, trying to build a future here before my bank balance should indicate otherwise to return to my hometown. I look forward to sharing my adventure on LiveJournal, whilst traveling in the Landrover Discovery, also now aged 25 years old. However; for now, I better get back to work.

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