Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Australian Outback - Camels

The region that I visited today, was full of plant life. Having more rainfall around the nearby Macdonald Ranges, which also has many water holes that support much more life. The red centre was an eye opener, as there was almost nothing to see for hundreds of kilometres. Where only the toughest plants survive and often don't grow more than 1ft high. Finding camels was going to happen sooner or later. As they have been part of Australia's history for a long time. Out here they are kept as both pets, workers, and also wander free as wild animals. They are well adapted to the hot dry conditions after all. It is hard to tell as there are little to no fences out here. Today's post includes a landscape photo, of a camel, and some of the greenery before sunset.

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