Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Ring Neck Parrots - Of the Central Desert Region

After moving to the Northern Territory, it has become apparent very quickly that the wildlife is very different. This week I have seen many things for the first time, that simply don't exist anywhere else. The central desert region also has a very different environment, and hence a different ecosystem. Today I observed some ringneck parrots. The first time I have seen this type in the wild.  However, they are a common sight in Australia as a common household pet. Today I observed them eating grass seeds that were growing nearby, and also perching and coming out of some of the hollows in the trees in the area. It was an interesting experience getting to know my new surroundings. They are also very difficult to photograph, so I was quite pleased with the results.

Tags: birds australian outback central desert
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