August 17th, 2020

Satin Bower Bird

In Australia, bower birds are commonly associated with two things.

The first is their oddly shaped nests, and the second is the habit in collecting anything blue. Other spiecies of bower birds colect similar items and colours. However the satin bower birds favorite colour is blue. Matching the colourfull iridescence of the males jet black feathers.

The females however, are brown and look nothing like their partners. However, they have a purple eye that can be clearly seen. Some call it more of a lavander colour, but it is the only way apart from general size and shape that they have in common.

These days the colour blue is quite common. So the bower birds enjoy collecting a range of useually plasic items to decorate their homes. Staws, bottle caps, and perhaps someones visa credit card. A bower nest is allways a treasure trove no matter the occasion.