April 8th, 2019

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Today I was lucky enouph to spot some grey kangaroos in the soft Autumn light that is enriching the early afternoons. As Australia's daylight hours shorten into Winter, this light represents an exceptionally good oppertunity to capture the detail in the kangaroos fine fur.

Eastern Grey's this time of year can be found hanging in mobs up to 8. They are also getting ready for Winter by growing their coats, to help with the extra cold mornings. In this light their coat has turned to a wonderfull gold colour, that shimmers in the late afternoon sun.

These encouters in the great Kur-rin-gai National Park North of Sydney are worth the special effort after work. Soon the School holidays will also be here, and it will be time to pack my hiking bag and set off on a weeks journey into the Australian Bush.