December 6th, 2018

Feather Tailed Glider - Acrobates pygmaeus

With the camera set on the highest possible settings for light and speed, I was able to photograph a very small and quick Feather Tailed Glider.

The small marsupial, the size of a field mouse is capable of running and jumping in speeds and distances that are quite remarkable. The body has extra skin that folds out into a kite between its limbs, head and tail. Alike the tail seen here only just in the bottom left, is flat and most useful for controlling flight.

These small critters are omnivorous; however, they usually feed on native flowers. The surgery diet of a related species known as the sugar glider has a similar behaviour too. The ability to be hyperactive and put overstimulated children to complete shame by literally bounding off and flying between tree branches.

I am simply amazed that I was even able to photograph this little jet pilot.