December 4th, 2018

Rose Crowned Fruit Dove - Ptilinopus regina

In NSW if you look very hard, and for a long time in the right place you will find a Rose Crowned Fruit Pigeon/Dove. Particularly where large Camphor-laurel trees grow, as they like to eat the fruit from it.

Fruit doves in NSW are a very rare sight. Their numbers seem to be declining as well. Although that sounds very concerning the NSW government does not have much respect for this statistic. One of the starkest realities is that the camphor trees have replaced some of the fruit pigeons food sources and native trees seem to be declining as well. Making it a hard deal for this pigeon to find food. It is one of the hardest hit birds by deforestation too, as only the mature trees bare fruit. Which is such a shame as these birds are simply fantastic to witness in real life.

Today's photograph clearly shows the yellow underneath the rose crown on this dove. In the lighting today, I was unable to highlight the other colours on the birds lower chest; however, the feathers on the bird's neck and breast did show very well. The eye is the redeeming feature for this photo, as the orange eye seems intent of sighting something in the distance. For me however, only time will tell if I will encounter another fruit dove but rest assure I will be on the lookout.