December 1st, 2018

The start of the silly season

Todays creative moment comes as the start of the holiday season approaches.

In Australia, children everywhere are finishing the school year, and getting ready for their extended summer holidays. Christmass in Australia has allways been a warm occasion, with families from Europe taking a long time to let go of the traditional holiday roast; in the end, both the ham and the family would only end up roasted, especially inside on a 40-degree day. It also raises a few eyebrows when putting items up, that reflect a winter wonderland inside their home in the sweltering heat of the mid-summer. Families now often opt for bright metallic ornaments, beach themed Santas, and often put out a fresh garden salad and assortments of cold meat to appropriate the season's greetings and its conditions.

This Christmass I am arriving with the family to our home on the Central Coast. They can look forward to the enlarged prints of the photographs from this year's expeditions. Alongside the thrilling stories about visiting and living in Australia's and possibly the world's most remote locations.