November 30th, 2018

Dragon Week 2018 - Intellagama Part 5

The last photograph for Dragon Week 2018, is an almost panoramic view of a mature water dragon.

This lizard was near fully grown and was about 25cm wide and about 1.2m long. This photograph also clearly shows the difference between the front and rear legs that assist them with living in such a habitat. We can clearly see the array of detail in the scales, from the red colourations to the pale and colours that would almost suit a sandy desert. With the all-encompassing eye that is by no doubt watching me closely.

This week has been fun, and also challenging finding a specific subject to write about. Whilst in this region, I will be seeing lots more of these dragons as I explore the bushland forests of NSW. The last post for Nov 2018 closes in an interesting way, concluding Dragon Week.