November 5th, 2018

Reptiles of NSW - The Red Belly Black Snake - Pseudechis porphyriacus

The red-bellied black snake is one of NSW's most recognisable snakes.

Belonging to the species of elapid snakes, this one is less dangerous than some of his cousins. However, being bitten by a black snake does pose significant risks and people have been known to die from their bight. Thankfully with a modern understanding of how to treat bights with first aid, deaths in NSW are now very rare. In the last ten years, there have been no recorded deaths in NSW according to the latest statistics kept since 2005.

To escape a black snake all you need to do is stand still and remain calm. Movement and running will only aggravate it more. The same with screaming. Given some time it will move away on its own accord, if it goes back to sleep just back away slowly.

This snake below is actually blind: As these snakes rely a lot more on their sense of small and don't actually require many sights to catch their prey. Often mice and rats. After a quick photograph, it was time to move on today.