September 26th, 2018

Fruit Dove - Ptilinopus

Today I was lucky to have another fruit dove sighting, detailing the green, blue and yellow colouration on their wings.

These birds are very shy and the bird did not stay around so I could get the other side of the bird. However, I think that today's findings were quite exciting. Adding to this effect is the fantastic blue light bokeh in the background. This is a feature of the lens refracting light from the background. I am pleased the delicate white face and beak did not blow out in the sunlight too much.

It is not as powerful as the photograph I took a few days ago, but it is an equal merit to have found two of these birds in a week.  As a note, it also like like my camera may need a good clean as there seems to be a small fibre below the stick on the left-hand side. A job for when I finish my rainforest expedition.