September 15th, 2018

Curlew - Burhinus grallarius

The Australian Bush Stone Curlew, is a ground-dwelling bird that strongly relies on camouflage to keep safe in the tropical woodlands of QLD.

They are quite an interesting bird. They are about 30-40cm tall and get about in the undergrowth very easily with their long legs. If they see a predator they freeze and stand perfectly still. On an early evening, they have a very distinctive call: almost as if a woman is having a crisis. However concerning it is easily recognised once you are familiar with it.

Today's photograph was taken on a Canon 5dII - With the second generation of Tameron 600mm lenses. As far as things go I think this is my best photograph of a curlew so far. Only the tail is not sharp, and that aside it is near perfect.