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Sir Terry Watts

Australian Expedition Photography

Tropical North QLD - Townsville

After a very long journey through the Australian outback, and mountains. I am very relieved to have arrived at a tropical shoreline. With an unhindered view of the sea, and tropical islands in the distance; it is a paradise.

As a first impression, the Castel Hill Lookout provides an exotic vantage point. Almost as if you were looking down in a scene from Rio. Magnetic Island in the distance helps complete the image. I almost cannot wait to go exploring it's secluded beaches and sandy coastlines. There is a ferry service to and from the island that I intend to board.

Townsville is actually quite a big city, and by first impressions, it would make a great place to live. You can get just about anything in the shopping centres here, and the food by the shoreline district called the strand, is very good too. It is warm, and the climate is fantastic.

At the moment it is a perfect place to rest up, and take advantage of the location to venture into the tropics. The Reef, The Daintree Rainforest, and the Tropical Wildlife, will set the scene. All I need to do is bring my camera.