September 8th, 2018

Burdekin Dragonflies

Having noticeably hit the Great Dividing Range, the weather has become quite damp in comparison to the dry flats I have been driving on. So much so the tent on the roof was dripping with condensation. After a while, I decided to get out and explore the fog.

Seen in this region, the dragonflies sleep overnight on the rough weed like plants in the region, and undertake a bit of a defrosting activity in the morning. The water almost looks like crystal glass, but it is impossible to get the lens to fully refract the surroundings. A frosted look is just fine. The red and blue may be adults, and the dull brown may be a younger immature dragonfly.

These were alongside spiders that make a teepee or A-frame style webs. It makes me wonder what they are trying to catch? As everything appears to be frozen at the moment. None the less an interesting observation in the long grass. Perhaps they get eaten by the birds and have chosen to live closer to the ground, and among the thorns in safety.

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