August 9th, 2018

Rainbow Bee Eater - Merops ornatus

The rainbow bee-eater is an insectivore that can be found all over Australia. However, it does depend on what time of year. As the name implies this bird no eats bees, but also anything it sees flying. With it's specially adapted beak it usually picks flying insects right from the sky mid-flight.

Being just past the middle of winter this bird has migrated to the northern tropics. Much like myself, this bird is having a mid-winter tropical holiday. The only difference is that this bird does this every year.

This bird is only 15cm tall and is very hard to photograph from a boat. Although with these challenges, I think that the photo turned out better than expected. From the background, you can also imagen that the bird is also very hard to spot, even though it is bright and colourfull. As the colours at times seamlessly blend into the background.