August 5th, 2018

Radjah shelduck - Radjah radjah

The Radjah Shelduck, also goes by the name of the black-backed shelduck, and Burdekin Duck.  Which not so long ago was considered critically endangered.

These shelducks are a perfect example of how important conservation efforts are to there survival. As per the name, these birds eat small molluscs and only supplement their diet with plant material. They nest during the wet season, in tree hollows nearby their food. Once threatened with land clearing, loss of food biodiversity, and a cyclone during the wet season these ducks have faced some pretty serious odds.

Currently, the species is under investigation as there seem to be two very subtle subspecies that we did not observe before. This was recently uncovered using recent M-RNA and DNA testing to discover only recently. Likewise, population counts and other ecology studies are under current review as well.