June 9th, 2018

Red Rumped Kingfisher - Todiramphas pyrrhopygius

To be politically correct the name has been changed to 'Red Backed' Kingfisher in all the new books and websites.

However, today I was lucky to pass by a usually very shy bird, that has done her best to hide.

Knowingly it is also winter and this bird did want to sit in the sunlight, so I did not have to wait long to take the photograph in better lighting.

What I like about this photograph most, is the amount of detail the camera was able to capture.

FINKE Desert Race - Prologue

Today was the prologue to the FINKE Desert Race, and it was the best entertainment in town this long weekend. With Buggies, Canams, Trucks, Cars, Bikes, and Quads all qualifying for the pole position in the 2018 race. I arrived home covered in dust and dirt, and in need of a good rest.

These was red dirt flying everywhere, powerful backfires from modified and turbocharged V8 engines.  Spectacular crashes from drivers willing to risk it all too. Humorously the Auto One car made it to the finish line with a 'waving arms' style look, from their front fenders during a crash far afield. Others more serious, and yellow flags were brought out to slow down the vehicles, that were traveling in excess of 100kph. Some were able to limp to the finish line, some were totalled and were towed off the course to the pits. Others suffering blown up engines, requiring replacement, and a long night ahead for mechanics and engineers.

Competitors and their pit crew are getting ready for the start tomorrow.The first leg is the 220klm race from Alice Springs to Finke. Then following day, the return race from Finke, to Alice Springs. In total being approximately 440klm in total. It was a good event to visit, and see the action on the prologue track before the endurance race takes place.

For more photos of the action click 'read more': below.

Offroad Buggy 15

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Photography by; Terry Watts - Expedition Photography