May 30th, 2018

White-winged triller - Lalage tricolor

Today I found a particularly confusing bird.

This is a White-winged triller, and it has a lot of features in common with the Crimson, and Saltbush Chat. However, it is in fact related to the Cuckoo-shrike family. This one below being a female and having a brown overall appearance instead of black feathers that denote the males.

They make a very peculiar noise when you are walking about the tea tree forests out here. Making an even more interesting noise when they are flying too. There is no particular way to explain it apart from just experiencing it.

For a simple bird, they have a certain charisma, and I have no doubt these birds are very intelligent. They were observing me closely today and were not afraid at all. Their calls are so complex it makes me wonder if they have their own language. Much alike crows.