May 21st, 2018

Rainbow Bee Eater - Merops ornatus

Right on the cue of the cold weather, the rainbow bee-eaters have arrived in the Northern Territory. As they Migrate North for the Winter. I don't blame them because it has been quite cold lately.

These bee-eaters are Australias only known species of Merops, and they are quite uncommon. They live a very migratory life and spend a fair bit of time around Victoria, South Australia, and Perth. However, in winter they take an annual migration northwards as things cool down for the winter.

In general, they have a strange call: None like any common bird. They are brightly coloured with long tail feathers. Featuring fine streamers on the ends.  The beak is long thin and curved to help with catching insects and also finding them in the undergrowth.  It's an interesting bird with many attributes that make it unique in many ways.