May 15th, 2018

The Western Bower Birds Hairstyle & Nest - Chlamydera guttata

Also known as the spotted bowerbird, this little guy has an interesting fashion trend.

The fluoro pink stripe on the back of their head is quite striking. At times it looks almost comical as a black and gold spotted bird has a bright pink stripe on the back of his head. I wonder if he knows it is there?

The other more important attribute to the bowerbird is the nest. I just happened to find one whilst hiking. I was lucky to have brought a backup camera to take the picture. The Olympus EP2 is a bit old, but it still works fine. Just not as good for overall picture quality.

In the read more section we can see this bird has collected a treasure trove of white items. Quartz rocks from the mountains, but also a saline solution bottle from the hospital nearby. The little fish soy sauce bottles too. As well as bottle caps and many other interesting things.

The nest picture is quite comical. He did not like me nearby and was making a fair bit of noise as if he was screaming. The pink stripe is only just visible. The nest itself is certainly a work of art. By comparison, the bird is very small.

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