April 29th, 2018

Perenti - Varanus Giganteus

The Perenti is a master of camouflage, every time you find one it is because it has either moved or you have heard it move. Often if it just sits still you can not see it. In today's case, it moved, I heard it, and I had a camera. This Perenti was quite large, and it was difficult to fit him into the frame correctly. However, his portrait turned out quite well.

In the photographs below I particularly like the way the camera was able to capture the eye. The modern camera body processed the pale yellow of the eye with almost perfection. Also capturing the shadow of the lizard's ear only just nearby. The lighting was subtle enough to enhance these features without taking out other features on the body. Particularly the square type scales the lizard has.

In the second picture, you can see the often comically positioned poker dots that make up the 'Perenti's Pants' near the back legs. The perfectly round yellow polka dots are quite striking around the rear legs. Adding to the curious novelty of such a large lizard.