April 25th, 2018

ANZAC Day 2018

ANZAC day, is Australia's day of remembrance for our servicemen who have gone to war, and served time in the armed forces. With the acronym for the Australian and New Zeland Army Corporation.

Particularly as you get older, you start learning of friends and people you know: who just don't come back from war. Particularly as conflict and militarised escelations have started to become more frequent overseas. At the end of the day, this really does effect families and communities. Having taught students in my classrooms who have parents in the armed forces, we hope every day that their worst fears are not brought to reality.

Australia might not have the longest history as an established nation; however, we have assisted in wars and military operations around the world where possible. Both in WW1 and WW2, and modern operations such as the Timor islands conflict. Peace has come at a cost though, and many of our fellow Australians have given up their lives for what we have today.

Gathering for the dawn service this morning was something special, seeing many people in our community band together to remember our fallen soldiers. May they rest in peace and not be forgotten.

Kangaroos in the Dry Todd River Bed

After all of this mornings excitement, I decided to go for a walk down to the Todd River in Alice Springs. The result was finding some local kangaroos.

These would probably be grey kangaroos. However, it was unusual to find them hanging out underneath a very interesting type of tree. One that uses forked shaped leaves. Probably adding to the sense of the exotic nature of the landscape out here. However, there was plenty of grass and plants growing in the area.

This smaller grey kangaroo was also carrying a joey, and will soon be a mom.Her pouch is expanding and the feet of the joey are starting to stick out the bottom of the pouch. It makes me in particular wonder if the joey's feet will get cold?

After all of the excitement of ANZAC day this morning it was nice to get back to nature and photograph some new subjects in a natural setting.

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