April 12th, 2018

Australian Budgie - Melopsittacus undulatus

The Budgerigar is world famous as the 3rd most common pet after the dog and cat in Australia. Not sure about the world either? The rather common pet parakeet, however, does have an unlikely origin in outback Australia. No one really knows what the word budgerigar means, or where the name comes from but it is very unique in many ways. They come in many colours, not just green. However, these birds have spent the better part of 5 million years in this region, and they are very special to see flying about the gum trees in the wild out here. In the photo these are babies, they are only old enough to have regrown their feathers in colour. Before they would have been quite fluffy and unassumingly grey. Today's encounter brings me closer into the wild, before pets, and many other things were of concern. What a great photo it is too.