April 5th, 2018

Diamond Dove

The Diamond Dove is one of the smallest pigeon species there are.

Only about the size of a minor bird, these are very hard to find in the grasslands across Australia. However, these birds are usually only a sight for those living in the NT, Their diet is composed mainly of seeds but, they have also been known to eat ants too.  They can be found in uneven distributions across Australia and they breed after heavy rain, particularly in SA. Which is a cue for favourable conditions to raise their young. As plenty of seed, water, and energy is required. Over 15 days eggs hatch, and young are very quick to develop afterwards.

As a result, these are a very special bird. They are not listed in any conservation act; however, they are extremely uncommon. Today's sighting only lasted for a few seconds; however, even quality photographs of this bird are hard to find. Almost never in the wild like this either.