March 26th, 2018

Dream Time Art - From the time before men

As you would expect, an artwork of this age and from such a unique perspective of men trying to understand who they were and where they came from, is going to be very interesting and unique. This artwork would have an estimated date of 100,00 years in age if it was painted in this timeframe. Aboriginal culture is one of the oldest and longest cultures in the world, and they have a very unique interpretation of the world. This art was made from ochre, and lime water from the calcium-rich water in the river bed below. It tells a unique story related to the region, that is still relevant today.

This section of art refers to the three caterpillars of the region. However one of the most important is the Yeperenye caterpillar. It was said in the stories, that when men were coming to the region, they would feed on these caterpillars in the Dreamtime. Meaning that these bugs formed an important part of the diet of the people that lived here so many thousand years ago. Appended are some photographs of the caterpillar and the moth that we still see today.

There are three dots in what can be seen in a long body, before the long vertical striations are seen. In a logical sense; there is a long belief that the three dots represent the three dominant caterpillars that make up the types of moths we see every day in town. The art represents what it still does today: An incredible connection and understanding of the Australian landscape and its wildlife.

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