February 21st, 2018

Wild Zebra Finches - Taeniopygia guttata - Australian Outback

The Zebra Finch, is a very common pet in Australia. So much so, that these birds can also be found overseas as well.  They are very tough and have been popular for many years with breeders and buyers seeking a good all round, small size bird. They can be found for sale almost all over the world.

180klm North of Marla in South Australia I found a group of them swarming through the sky. Looking closer I found a patch of water, left over from the rain the week prior. Because the ground is mainly red clay, water can sit for a while in the outback. Provided it is not too hot, and it evaporates in no time at all.

The male has the bright markings n the body and their cheeks. The females are bland by comparison, but carry the zebra stripe near their beak too. This was an unexpected encounter with some otherwise common birds in Australia. It was an experience to see them casually living by the water, drinking and bathing. Otherwise going about life as it were.