February 18th, 2018

Australian Corella - Cacatua

Today I decided to start looking back through the photographs from my journey to the NT. This week I will be writing about the wildlife and encounters along to road to Alice Springs from rural NSW.

Today's post is about the Australian Corella; is known for its very unique call. They make a high pitched, and shortlived screeching noise instead. Imagine you have a dog toy with a whistle and you repeatedly hit it with a hammer.  This is the general noise that they make. Early morning or late afternoon they also have another interesting trait, they tend to fluff up and proceed to make extremely long if not continuous groaning noises. These sessions can last up to an hour. Besides that, they seem to be doing quite well. Most groups are found in the hundreds flying around the country, and they can be found just about everywhere. They are a fairly common sight in Australia; and accordingly, make good pets to overseas buyers. In Singapore; one will sell for as high as $5000 to the right buyer.

Overall; they are an interesting but very noisy neighbour.