January 20th, 2018

Rain in Antarctica - Climate Science

Recently there has been a lot of speculation about the cause, impact, about the rain events in Antarctica. Most journalism and media web pages have stated that; 'it has scientist concerned'. However, there is probably a bit more behind the news than just spin and hype. Scientist have been concerned for decades about global warming and climate change, but that seems to have been overlooked.

The cause of the events lay in El, Nino climate pattern events. Over the past decade, the level of these events has been increasing. This brings storms and intense weather events to South America, but also can now be attributed to rain events in Antarctica. These rain events are of concern to the scientist as they rapidly speed up melting events when they occur, but also the frequency of these events seem to be on the rise in trend with predictions about global warming.

Damage to Ross Ice Shelf by rain in 2016;

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