January 7th, 2018

My New Car - Ex- Military AMG Slant-back Humvee

So my Land-rover over the years has been very reliable and a great everyday car since I was 16. However, now in retirement, getting close to 500,000klm, I have been looking for another everyday car. My Land-rover is still great to take camping, it is my dedicated expedition vehicle after all. However, I need something fun for everyday tasks. As I just sold my old Jaguar XJ6, so need a new car for the town and country driving every day.

So today I went out and saw many second-hand cars that were up for sale. I only like older cars, nothing new on the market has my interest. It has to be made out of metal. Lada Niva, Uas Hunter, Landrover Perenti and Defender, and Nissan Patrol made the list of interest. Then something unexpected happened, an AMG H1 was there. I could not resist a test drive. This one has seen active service and comes standard with a gun hatch on the roof too. Overall is was really cool, and a rare slant-back model too.

I just hope I don't get in trouble for taking up two carparks at work,... Because this thing is really cool.


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