December 29th, 2017

Tuggerawong Bay - Terry Watts - DJI Mavic Pro

Today the weather conditions at 5am were really surprising considering the surrounding conditions. There has been a persistent haze and overcast conditions about for the past week. Last night however, the camp recieved heavy rain and thunderstorms. This morning I awoke to clear skyes and really good lighting. I decided to fly the Mavic as the opportunity will not come again for some time, as I only have a few days left before returning to the road; to head home to Armidale NSW. The results of the flight this morning were fantastic, and they are good enough to enter my gallery for purchase.

Arrow Headland


Backstory & More Photographs

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At this point in time it is important to mention that it is also the last Friday for the year. On Monday, I will start my drive back to the New England Region. In the meantime, I hope to capture a few last images in the last days of 2017.