December 18th, 2017

Black Mountain Walking Trails - Lost German Backpackers too

In Australia, hiking trails are not always marked clearly or well. This trail to the alternative summit is hardly visible and you really need to have a good memory of where you have been. Today I found two German backpackers who set off early to go walking, they got lost, and I helped them find there way back to the campsite when I saw them way off track in the nearby valley. The bush is not a forgiving place to get lost, so always take someone who knows what they are doing, has a firm sense of direction, and has the experience.  Sadly the backpackers declined having there photo put on the internet. However, I did get a rather typical landscape image of the Scone Mountain Range.Typically there is way to much harsh light, but that is just the way things are at 7 am in the morning here.  Looks like my DSLR sensor also needs a good clean too.