December 5th, 2017

TSR Route - Gara River Nature Resurve

Today there was an opportunity to fly a drone at the TSR Route in East Armidale. The route was previously well known to 4x4 drivers, however, it has been shut down due to overuse and safety issues. Originally it was intended for farmers to access feed in times of drought, as a public service to help with farm stock and general animal welfare. The gate is still open to bushwalkers though, and we walked in to take an aerial view to see how the conservation efforts are progressing, and to look at how the environmental recovery program is going. We did note the new fence that has been installed too, with a properly functioning gate for the first time in ten years. Overall the drone that we purchased last week as very cheap, and it very comically crashed a few times. It took about 20 minutes to find it once as it fell out of the sky without warning. The image quality is acceptable for what we intend to use it for. However, next year there are plans to purchase a Mavic Pro; with sponsorship, to help take quality photographic images. Overall the visit today was about having fun, and taking a look at the area now that the eroded tracks from 4x4 use have started to recover, and there is a large biomass of grasses covering the area.

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