Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Blue Hole National Park - Mavic Pro Flight

So today I found out I have flown over 2klm with the Mavic-pro, have achieved a top speed of 48klm/h, and with various accomplishments that now reach level 10wwith just over 2hrs of flight time. However, todays post is special as it is possibly the last time I will visit this area for some time. Never the less it was great to undertake a photographic flight through the New England. The sunlight levels of sunlight at 7am in the morning were abnormal, I should have applied a poleriser, or possibly an ND meater, however these are not available if you leave them at home, by accident. Overall, not all photographs were good as a result, most were overexposed. These are my top 3 photographs from the early morning adventure.

Tags: mavic-pro dji blue hole national park
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