Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Lake Gardiner Australia

Today I decided to check out some of the high-resolution images from the Japanese ALOS Satellite. One of the feature images today is of Lake Gairdner in South Australia. After a quick run through the computer program Idrisi; to process the image, it came up really well. Currently, it is flooding and the water in the system is adding a lot of colour and contrast to what would normally be a barren landscape. The orange islands make up a fascinating irregular construct within the image as well.  The size of the landscape within image below is approximately 200klm long. The surreal landscape is simply fantastic and it would make a great image in a modern gallery. </span></p>

Tags: satellite imagery australia landscape
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The satellite image is surreal. Unlike actual pictures that I've just seen in google, those are full of life.
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