Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

McCarrs Creek - NSW Australia

In the new world braught in with the Coronavirus originating in China, being known as the COVID19 Global Pandemic. National Government lockdown orders and compulsory isolation measures lead to a time in Australias history that will be easily remembered for generations. After which also included protests against racial supression and police brutality. In these crazy times it has been hard to get out to actually take phototgraphs. So I did not attempt it.

So what have I been up to? At home I decided to take the time to establish a dark room. Doveloping films that were taken when the digital camera batteries ran out while traveling, and taking black and white photographs around my home as restrictions lifted. Leading to urban landscaped abandoned, and recreational parklands with a rather empty feel to them.

One of the best results is of McCarrs Creek, from the resurve and using a 300mm lens I was able to take a landscape in black and white. The softness in the image with the minimal reflections is one of my favorite aspects. However the unique grunge and dirt in the camera lead to a streak as it looks like a grain of sand or dirt scratched the negative. The linier streak is an imperfection that is noticable disaster, where the black blotch like texture of the trees was expected as a feature of low modality photography on film.

Tags: australia, black and white, marintime, mccarrs creek, nsw, photography
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