Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Processionary Catapillars

One of the strangest things you can come across in the bush is the Australian processionary catapilar.

These bugs have a 'follow the leader' mentality when getting about. However there is a big flaw in the method of travel. Especially if the first person is following the last in line instead of searching for food. They can go around in circles for days.

What looks like fur is actually not. Ask any Australian kid from the east coast and they will tell you. When they try to pat it, they quickly change their thaughts to "why does it burn like fire"!!! These spines will stab and irritate anything that tryed to touch it. What looks like white fur, is a dangerous self defence mechanisum.

To Animals that eat grass, this can be very deadly. When eaten it could be a very painfull experiance. Which is why they are left alone by most predators who would normally be up for the challenge. Who knows what eats them, and how?

Either way: this catapilar is an oddity, but a well known face to many in NSW, Australia.

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