Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Life by the Habour

Life on the sides of Sydney Habour is dynamic and everchanging. Evenings and sunsets in summer can be appreciated by the golden glow that reflects from the water, before the sky and atmosphere turns a delicate velvet blue. Now heading into Winter, the harbour is quiet and the water has become crisp. cool, and sharp.

Photographic oppertunities on the harbour are everywhere. But it has been time to give it a rest for a while to catch up and ensure scusess at work and home. This includes the restorative works to the 40ft yacht. Also unexpectedly the workboat here required sigificant repairs before it could be braught back into use.

In the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic - (Covid-19). The harbour has also become a safe haven from society, as the contagen that has forced nations globally into lockdown. Here on the water I am happy that in years to come: I will be remembered for doing the right thing in these times. Keeping isolated and stopping the spread of this potent contagen. While remaiing comitted to my job as a Teacher. Remotly designing online science lessons for the chidren of my community to enjoy.

At the end of the holy, Easter Long Weekend and school holidays I hope to have performed enouph repairs to my vessel to be able to start staying here longer. A floating home in the long sunsets. As the waters turn to a calm and cool santuary in the busy urban city. Afterwards, perhaps working from home, part time among the waves.

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