Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

2nd Place - By as close as 20 votes.

Appearing after a good break from the photography world. No, I am not dead.

Things have never been buiser and competition results have started coming back in. Earlier this year: communications included nominations for the Panasonic, Australian Photographer Of The Year. But also the results from the semi professional sections of the world, such as Lens-culture and the Independent Photographer Magasine. Overall I think the smaller ones, such as the wildlife conservitorium are more for my field of work though.

I have been sorting through the tens of thousands of photographs from all around Australia. My new job is very important, taking on teaching both Chemistery and Biology over a full time level. The most rewarding aspect is teahging year 5 and 6; because, engeging young minds at 9-12yo age is very important to later scusess in Science. I feel quite blessed to be working for such a wonderfull school.

Another time consuming activity was undertaking the process to become a National Geographic Ceryified Educator. Thankfuly the 3 month course with National Geographic was scusessfull. A post will be made later, detailing what its all about and why Nat/Geo Educators are needed in the world at the moment. Essentially it alignes our teaching style, to the connections between the Human and Natural world.

Anyway - In a very impromptue style. My first podium finish with Guru-Shots Photograph Game. I am very pleased with the result, and will be mentioning it a fair bit at work today. This year, I have had a few top 100 and 1000 finishes. Then out of knowhere a 2nd place. Which if anything is a learning experiance. Sometimes it could be just down to luck at the end of the day.

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