Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Snow Across NSW

Across parts of Northern NSW and the highlands there was a hive of activity as snow fell, breaking what has been a really dry start to Winter. Enouph fell in order to open the ski season in Mt Perisher early this year. Also bringing joy to the rural towns of Northern NSW.

Whilst I have been indoor suffering from a really bad flu, enouph to also loose my voice. I was able to see many pictures from friends and others useing the current hashtags on social media to enjoy the snow from my warm and comfortable home in Sydney.

This years winter was quite warm, until an east coast low weather event took presidence, bringing winter to us almost overnight. Most of us were aclimatised to the unseasonably warm 28 degrees celcius average at lunchtime. Before the wind braught in a very different reality and the temperatures quickly dropped. Out in rural NSW the warmest temperatures have been averageing between 5 and 8 degrees on average. Which is cold in Australian terms.

The award for the coldest town overnight last week goes to Guyra NSW, recording a crisp -16 dgrees. Having lived and worked at schools in the New England region before, I can certainly say there is nothing like staying home and enjoying the snow from the view of a warm fireplace.

Photo: Highland Cow in Guyra NSW, Photographer Unknown

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