Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Street Photography - Lens-culture 2019

Today I am happy to announce my 2019 entry to the Lenscurture Street Photography Awards.

Title: Bleak.

This photo is a bleak reflection on the way society interacts with its own built environment. If you don't find this image concerning, you might also be part of the problem. For an urban environment it is quite dull, and the sense of space is rather filled with a notion of emptiness. The large bleached skyline splits the image down the middle only to highlight the delivery boys bicycle that has been damaged, and had its remaining parts stolen. But by who, as there seems to be nobody around? If there was anyone, they have only to leave their rubbish behind in bike's basket. The artwork in the background also seems to be looking towards the bike in a rather apathetic manner as well. The reality is bleak, in a manner that this rather faceless landscape and society is in fact: normal.

Tags: 2019, art, lensculture, photography, street photography, sydney
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