Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Koalas & Climate Change

In Australia's top universities this week, scientist are now investigating why Koalas are in need of water. Seen drinking from water bowls and in swimming pools across Australian backyards this month. However, Scientist are now very concerned about observing them drink water.

Koalas usually get all of their water from their diet, as the green vegetation is rich in moisture as well as nutrients. Seeing a koala drink water is quite concerning as they may no longer have everything they need in order to survive in their normal remote habitats. Often they do not have running water, which is of our greatest concern. As it poses complications for these animals in the future scenarios where they will have to find new ways to endure these extream and long lasting heatwaves.

With last months record-breaking summer heatwaves with days above 50 in some areas, and most towns above 40. It is no wonder that even hardened wildlife are seeking water and encroaching within urban areas. However, it raises significant concerns about how climate change will effect our ecosystems. How it will affect Australian native animal and plant populations, and indicate often sharp shifts in climatic patterns.

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