Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Matinance time

Maintenance on motor vehicles is a given as over time parts ware out and they need either refurbishment and or replacement.

Here we have the rear driveshaft from the Landrover Discovery 300tdi, the 4x4 that compleated a 12000klm Journey Around Australia over 1 year. Afterwards returning home and being driven almost every day. The road certainly took its toll over this time on the rubber doughnut. With bolts, the drive flange, and the driveshaft needing repair as vibrations were noticed a week ago. It is lucky it was still attached as it was about to eat its way through.

All parts have been replaced with newer and stronger parts. The rubber join has been swapped for a hardy splicer universal joint, and the bolts are new on all ends. This did require a new drive flange, and a spacer join as new suspension will lift the ride hight by 2" all around. Ultimately it's being fixed to last even longer and one day it may even become a classic car. I like to think I am looking after it as well as it has done for me.

Tags: 300tdi, discovery, landrover
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