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Koala - Daylight Savings helping to save Australian wildlife.

In Australia; during the winter and summer seasons, the clock is moved back and forward by 1 hour to make the most of the natural light. This means saving lots on your electricity bill, but it also has had an unexpected effect for Australian wildlife. In Queensland, a scientist studied road statistics and found that during daylight savings the chances of hitting a koala were 8% to 11% less likely. As they are active mainly in the late afternoon's koalas would miss the peak traffic as everyone is driving home. More can be said about the roadkill total of kangaroos, but it has become normalised that hitting one is common, and therefore not many people take notice. This certainly is not normal but Australian society has become apathetic to the issue. Ironically in addition; Queensland does not utilise daylight savings, other states with more scientist and conservation societies, like NSW currently partake in this program. It would be interesting to see how Queensland reacts to this news. Society and the environment are often battling each other, but it would be necessary to start thinking further. As to how our society is impacting the wildlife in and around our daily lives, and how we can reduce the impact we have.

Source; #keepitclever, stopping university funding cuts.

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