Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Australias Famous Summer

After a long period of time of posting content online every day, it has been good to step back and take some time off. In my hometown, the summer is almost everlasting with almost 8 months of relatively warm and mild weather to enjoy the outdoors. Right now it is the middle of summer and we have had two weeks of heat above 30 degrees Celsius.

So far the summer activities have been important in curing the world worst case of writer's block and fatigue. It is important this year to balance the work and lifestyle commitments in order to settle into the new year comfortably. Travelling around Australia was also not as healthy for my body as first thought. Even if you eat well, you can drive for weeks behind the steering wheel of a car and ultimately your fitness and muscle mass goes out the window.

More importantly almost a year in isolation it is good to get out and socialise with some of my friends and colleagues that have not seen me for the better part of up to ten years. Now back in my hometown, there is lots of work to do. But first, its time to enjoy the water.

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